700 Fit Club Drumul Taberei



Natural, spontaneous moves and wellbeing. Try our aerobics classes and develop all your muscular groups, no matter your age.


Keep your heart in shape with our cardio programs. Just 30 minutes per day contribute to a nice silhouette and a great tonus. Force trainings help you gain more muscle, for a healthy body. Furthermore, the Excite collection offers you diversified and personalised entertainment for each training session.


After a hard training, get some time for yourself in the solar or dry sauna, with Himalaya salt. It’s so easy to disconnect, when you have a dedicated space at 700 Fit Club!

Roll Massager

Available for free, in the gym. It offers several benefits, from muscle stimulation, to metabolism enhancement, cellulite reduction and evening the skin. It’s great for a total body cleanse and as a mood enhancer.


In the Drumul Taberelor Shopping Center parking lot.
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Bogdan Vasile
700 Fit Club Drumul Taberei
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700 Fit Club Drumul Taberei
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700 Fit Club Drumul Taberei


    700 Fit Club Drumul Taberei

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